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Google’s July 2018 HTTPS Deadline & What It Means For You

Google has considered HTTPS status when ranking websites for a while now, but soon they'll explicitly warn users when they visit a insecure site. Google announced this week that starting in July 2018 they will warn Chrome users whenever they visit a site that is on HTTP and not the secure HTTPS protocol. This change will likely effect a lot of websites as HTTPS was once only considered as crucial for sites that process credit card/other transactions, but now is important for sites of all kinds.

It's entirely possible that your existing website is not on HTTPS and you may be panicking about this as a result of the announcement. And you would be panicking about it for good reason, as Statcounter reports that nearly 50% of all internet users are using Google's Chrome browser.

Luckily, it's not too late to switch over to HTTPS. Become a client of 67 Web Design and we'll move your website over to HTTPS free of charge. All of our existing clients already have HTTPS sites as this is a service we (and our superb web host) provide to our clients as a standard option.

Avoid Google penalizing your site or discouraging visitors from trusting it by adding HTTPS to your site today. Let the experts at 67 Web Design take care of it so that you can continue to take care of what matters most: your business and your customers.