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67 Web Design is a website building, SEO and hosting company unlike any other, so we understand that our current and potential customers may have some questions about how we work. You'll find some answers below and--as always--if your question isn't answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us on Chat or via phone or email to learn about our cheap web design packages.
Why Did You Start 67 Web Design?
We started 67 Web Design because we noticed a trend that troubled us: despite more and more people using the Internet on a day to day basis, so many businesses, non-profits and churches still don't have up-to-date websites. After talking with business owners, we realized why this is: web design has simply become unaffordable for many small business owners!

We then asked business owners why they didn't take advantage of website building tools to create a website. Their answer: there's no time to mess around with a tool when I could instead be focusing on growing my business! A great answer, in our opinion. 🙂

So then we thought, what can we do to make website building and SEO as easy as possible for business owners while keeping the pricing attainable? And thus, 67 Web Design was born. We aim to ensure that every business who wants a website gets a great website and SEO services with our affordable professional web design and related services.
Where Is 67 Web Design Based?
We are proudly based in Flint, Michigan and are happily working with customers around the world as a Flint and Detroit web designer.
Who Can Sign Up?
Anyone in the United States can currently sign up. In the future we plan to roll out our services to other countries including Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.
How Quickly Do You Deliver Sites?
We deliver completed sites within 5 business days of signing up and can make any tweaks you need to the content.
What Makes 67 Web Design Different From All the Rest?
We offer something that virtually no other web design companies offer: a subscription-based web design model. Rather than charging you hundreds of dollars for a website that you may not even like, we charge you just $67 per month for a website that promotes your business online and looks great on every device. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee ($3) every day each month, you get a great website for your business.
How Do You Keep Costs So Low?
We keep costs low by utilizing two pieces of proven technology for every client website: WordPress, a popular website software, and custom Framework. We're experts in customizing the two in order to create a website that looks amazing on every device and is unique to your business.
Where Are Your Websites Hosted?
We utilize the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based A2 Hosting. They have servers around the world. A2 Hosting is known for their 99.9% uptime commitment, so you can be sure that your website will always be up.
Why Is SEO So Important?
People find sites through Google, Bing and other search engines. How high a site shows up on these search results is strongly influenced by how well a site is optimized for SEO. Showing up on the first page of Google or other search engines makes it more likely that a potential customer will find your site and business.

About 67 Web Design

With years of experience in building & hosting websites as well as improving SEO, we've helped many clients to achieve the online presence they've always wanted. We're based in Flint, Michigan and host our websites in Ann Arbor, Michigan with servers around the world. We can't wait to help your business or non-profit reach the next level.

Email: support@67webdesign.com
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