If you're a business, church, school, or non-profit, there's one thing you absolutely need to have: a website. Potential customers, congregants, parents/students, and clients will search for your business or non-profit online. If they don't find a website, they might just move on to the next choice that does have a website.

Previously, it was cost prohibitive to get a website for your business or non-profit. 67 Web Design feels that every business or non-profit should have a website, which is why we sought out to make the process as inexpensive as possible.

Founded in 2017 and based in Flint, MI, 67 Web Design is comprised of experienced account managers, website designers, and a passion to build affordable websites. Rather than requiring hundreds or thousands of dollars down, we instead have a subscription model. Just $67 per month gets your business or non-profit a great looking website. Your website will look great on every device, whether it's an iPhone, an iPad, a laptop, or a desktop.

Additionally, your website will be optimized to show up high in the Google search rankings. What this means is if your business focuses on dog trimming, for instance, and a potential customer searches on Google for dog trimming in your city, your website will likely be one of the first results they see.

Your website also will be monitored by our security team to ensure that hackers and other threats are no threat to your site.

The best part is, your website cost will never increase. It will always be just $67 per month.

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