Why Your Church Needs a Website

Author: 67 Web Design Staff
You’ve got a beautiful church with joyful music and weekly services. You have a steady number of congregants but are always looking to bring more into God’s house. Word of mouth has helped your church to grow, but you want to get your church’s name out there to an even wider audience.

The solution? A church website! Yet many pastors and church staff feel that a website is unattainable due to the sheer cost of starting and managing one, as most web design firms charge quite a bit. 67 Web Design is different, though, as we make church websites as affordable as possible with plans starting at just $67 per month with no upfront costs or fees.

Still not sure a church website is right for your church? Consider these reasons why your church needs a website.

Reason #1: New Worshippers Use Google

People considering a new product, service or--yes, even a church--will often turn to search engines like Google to find out more information. In fact, it is estimated by experts that Google processes 3.5 billion search queries each day. That’s a lot of Google searches! The guaranteed way to get your church to show up when someone Googles “church services in *insert city here*” is to have a church website. You’ll reach dozens if not hundreds more potential congregants with a website.

Reason #2: Easier Tithing

As financial technology continues to evolve, so does the way that people donate money. More and more churchgoers tithe automatically with their credit or debit card each month using the church’s website. 67 Web Design can help your church to setup an online tithing system on your church website. This can result in a dramatic difference in the number of contributions you receive to your church.

Reason #3: Put Information Out There

Even the most consistent churchgoer might not know all of the service times by heart. If your church has a website then your current (and potential) congregants can easily find the service times and choose a convenient time to attend. Additionally, you can use your church website to put other information out there including your church’s event schedule, messages, prayers etc. Simply put, your church’s website can be an online extension of your church community!

How 67 Web Design Helps Your Church to Grow

67 Web Design has been helping churches like yours to grow by creating affordable, effective websites. Our recommended website package for churches is the $67/mo Basic plan because it gives your church website all of the necessary features it needs at the best possible price. Ready to sign up for this plan or just have questions? Click here to get started!

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